Customer Testimonials

This is what riders have said...

“You were awesome thanks for the pencils and stickers"

"He's the best driver. Excellent service! If I could give him 10 stars I would! " 

"Great driver. Thanks!" 

"He was super friendly "

"exceptionally professional. Vehicle was immaculately clean. Thank you very much. "

"Great driver!"

"Thanks so much, Joseph!"

"Joseph was AMAZING ! 

"very sweet and nice. considerate and very pleased with my driver today "

"Great guy. Great conversation. Opened the door. Really went out of his way to make the ride enjoyable. "

"Joseph rocks!!!"

"Very professional! "

"A super sweet and friendly driver!!! "

"Awesome and friendly guy. Someone I hope to get again. "

"Great driver. A great man. Thanks!"

"Mr. Joseph was very professional car clean and had the air conditioner on a very comfortable ride "

"Excellent service!!"

"One of the best drivers around! He truly deserves SIX stars as he picked me up in a questionable area, opened my door, and made sure I was being dropped off where I needed to be. He was fast, efficient, and professional!"

"Wonderful, very polite, such a gentleman"

"Best driver!"

"Incredibly professional and courteous. Knowledgeable and great driver. "

"He was the absolute best I wish he could be my regular driver. he opened the door for me to get in and out. He was great to talk to. "

"Such a nice person ! "

"Amazing driver! ... so nice! He needs a raise or something he is amazing! "

"Wonderful service!! "

"Wonderful driver!!!"

"Great guy!"

"Great driver!!"


"I love his people skills he was very respectful and I would love to ride with him again"

"An amazing driver, highly recommended!"

"amazing person"

"Awesome driver!!!"

"This morning's ride with Joseph, a gentleman, an extremely pleasant experience. thank Joseph!"

"what a nice man! can you send him every time? :o)"

"This driver Joseph Brugh is customer service at its finest and overall he excels in everything he does. 

"Very polite and helpful"

"Awesome driver, very nice, well dressed and very friendly!!"

"Awesome driver!!!!!!"

"Best driver so far"

"Such a nice guy. Opened the door for me :)"

"great driver! "

"Friendly and helpful driver"

"Great service"

" very courteous and polite and was prompt. "

"John is very nice."

Best driver I've had so far"

"Great trip! Such a gentleman!"

"Awesome service."

"Awesome! Very courteous, polite. Great driver! "

"Awesome driver! Made the drive very enjoyable. Would highly recommend him!"

"Awesome driver, the best so far!!"

"Great guy!"

"excellent! I wish there was a star rating that could separate him from others! "

"Excellent! "

"he drives safely on road and knows the route"

"Joseph was amazing"

"Joseph was very professional and courteous."

"best driver ever. so friendly "

"What a classy driver. Well dressed and the vehicle was immaculate."

"You are without a doubt the best we could have ever imagined!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!"

"Distinctive service The driver very respectable The car clean and cool air conditioner Thank you for your service"

"this man is AMAZING!! I felt like a total queen in his car.
​He is very nice, well dressed, opens and closes doors and very gracious. i am happy to have met him "


"Best driver ever!"